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How are my Cycle Bonuses calculated?

There are three types of Cycle Bonuses:

  • Team Cycle Bonus - these occur when you accumulate at least 400 points on each of the left and right legs.  The bonus is based on the lower volume side in increments of 400 points.  The remaining volume balance will be carried over to the next cycle bonus that is generated.  You receive $40.00 (10% of 400) for each cycle generated (converted to your local currency as needed).
  • First Level Matching Cycle Bonus - calculated based on 10% of the Team Cycle Bonuses earned by your personally enrolled BA's
  • Generational Matching Bonus - this amount can vary (5%-10%) depending on your rank at the time the bonus is calculated.  You must be a TL/TLA/PPA or higher to qualify for this bonus.  Detailed descriptions of how generational bonuses are calculated can be found in the FSB Presentation located in the back office "Marketing" area.
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