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What is the Customer Points Requirement?

To achieve future rank promotions with Dubli Network, you must meet certain benchmarks in team size and Customer Points.

You earn one (1) Customer Point for each active personal VIP Customer you register. The minimum number of required Customer Points increases as you advance in rank.
Please note that Customer Points can take 1-2 days to be displayed in your overview.

Customer Point minimum required by rank:

  • TM = 1 customer point
  • TL & PPA = 3 customer points
  • TC = 5 customer points
  • SD = 10 customer points
  • VP = 15 customer points
  • SVP = 20 customer points

If you are a new Business Associate you must have your Customer Points in place within 30 days of being activated or you will lose the right to earn any organizational commissions.

For any rank, you will only be able to advance to a higher rank by having the required Customer Points as well as your required BA organization.

If at some point you fall below the minimum required Customer Points for your rank,  you have 30-day grace period to regain the Customer Points needed for your current rank, and if you fail to do so the system will adjust your rank according to the Customer Point table above.

If you do not regain the Customer Points within 90 days of your rank being adjusted as indicated above, you will have to re-qualify for your previous rank by meeting both the Customer Points and organizational makeup.

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