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Who is eligible to sell the Partner Program?

BA's who purchase the PPA (formerly known as "TLA") package can take the Partner Program Sales Certification course by visiting the Dubli Network Academy (located under the "Education & Marketing" tab in the back office).  TC's or higher who did not already purchase the TLA/PPA package can purchase the Certification course a la carte by proceeding to the "Partner Program" tab in the Dubli Network back office and selecting the "Buy Certificate" option.  Once paid, you can access the Certification course as outlined above by visiting the Academy site.
Once you have passed your Certification course, you can then register new Partners at www.dublipartner.com by entering in your BAID in the "Sponsor" field on the registration page.  It is important to note that there is no direct referral link for Partners and you must be a TLA/PPA or higher who has passed the Certification course in order for your BAID to work in the "Sponsor" field.

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